Simple Easy Every Day Meditation™


Is it time to get serious about learning to meditate? We've made it easy for you. In a 3 hour class you'll receive all the information you need to get going. The SEED method is based on the time tested practices of author, teacher and meditator of over 20 years, Sarah McLean.  I had the honor of training with Sarah and received my teaching certification at the McLean Meditation Institute.


For many years I searched for a simple, intellectual, straightforward method of learning meditation that wasn’t attached to a specific religion or philosophy.  After 30 years of reading, practicing, getting confused, drifting toward and away from my meditation practice I stumbled upon the SEED class and said “wow, now this makes sense!”  It felt like it took all the good stuff and made it accessible to any type of learner at any stage of their life and I didn’t have to sit in lotus or wear funny clothes (nothing against funny clothes, they just don’t look good on me).  I knew I had to incorporate this program into my teaching.


This program is ideal for any level - whether you are a beginning meditator, or want to get back on track with meditation. It's true that  meditation can help you to find inner peace, creativity, inspiration, harmonious relationships, fulfillment, better health, more self-awareness, and so much more. Each of us has our own reason for wanting to learn to meditate, and whether you want to create mental, physical, or emotional balance, or be more inwardly connected, you'll find this meditation will help you. The mainstay of the program is breath awareness and silent sound meditation, both which direct your attention inward and help you to reconnect with your center point of peace and enhance your well being.


The program includes:
  • An Introduction to several meditation practices and how they work
  • Demystifying the now overly popular buzz word,“Mindfulness”
  • Discovering the Benefits of Meditation
  • Understanding the Effects of Stress
  • Looking at the Brain and how it works on and off meditation
  • The 5 Essentials for a Successful Meditation
  • Easy to use Meditation Techniques
  • Guided Meditation & Personalized Meditation Instruction
  • Creating Your Own Personal Practice
  • Course Materials including a CD and Meditation Book


You'll be guided in various ways to meditate, discover the basics of successful meditation, find out what meditation is and what it isn’t, and explore experiences you might have during meditatation. You’ll learn a powerful, yet easy meditation method you can use every day. The Simple, Easy, Every Day Meditation Method is perfect for anyone.  And besides that you will have a ton of fun and walk away with great tools that you can carry around for a lifetime.


Simple Easy Every Day Meditation
Private Class
$200 for a 2.0-2.5 hour
$175 if you register with a friend 
$150 for Seniors (65+), Veterans and FT Students
Group discounts available
Materials Included 



Group Class

$135 per person

$125 per person if you register with a friend

$95 for Seniors (65+), Veterans and  FT Students



Call 410.271.6456 to set up an appointment.  Teleconference and Skype appointments are also available.

Kim J

REALLY great to meet you. I loved our session together. You are a perfect teacher for me for so many reasons. Highlights include: you are funny, laid back, and so knowledgeable about the entire scope of meditation, not "new-agey," not into affirmations, (Stuart Smalley) and you love dogs! I didn't feel like I needed to lay down afterwards (energy vampire). I felt like you understood where I am in life and where I am coming from. Your passion for teaching people to heal themselves is so apparent.

Since we met one of the changes I've felt is that I'm really cognizant of my breath. I've been visualizing how meditation will be part of my life but I've not been disciplined and I know this is from my inability to put myself first and not feeling guilty. I am grappling with this and learning. I'm trying not to beat myself up for this because I keep hearing your words "no judgements." I did the 5 minute med twice and I loved it.

THANK YOU ALEXA. I had a great experience with you. I felt much lighter when I got home.