Classes and FAQ's


Here at Even Keel we teach the Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra. Nidra means sleep so Yoga Nidra means guided meditation that gives you the restorative qualities of sleep as you still the fluctuations of the mind through conscious entry into the sleep state. The practice uses techniques that naturally and effortlessly disengage you from your thoughts while your are resting in a comfortable position, fully supported by blankets and pillows. No prior experience necessary. This practice is wonderful for relieving stress and addressing common issues such as: insomnia, anxiety, pain, or general healing from an injury. If you haven't tried it yet, don't wait another minute! It is wonderful.....

Over time I have received a lot of questions regarding stress management, meditation, what the heck is Even Keel Living, how can it help ME, etc.  Here are some common questions and misconceptions I have encountered:


Q: Will your group or individual sessions help me to sleep, stop worrying, curb my addictions, focus, keep my mind from racing, etc?


A: YES. Stress reduction through meditation coaching can help in many life challenges.  Each person has their own reason why they may want to learn to quiet their mind.  I myself started for mainly anxiety issues but soon found that my focus, productivity, creativity and general happiness were pleasantly enhanced, ok hugely enhanced by my meditation practice.


Q:  I like the idea of being calmer but I also need to be "sharp" in my job and in sports, how can this help me?


A:  This is the reason why my tag line is "Clear Your Head, Find Your Edge", I don't know any professional, parent or athlete that wants to lose their edge; we just want to arrive at our "flow" state a little calmer and a little faster.  It sounds like an oxymoron but it is the truth.  We exercise to build strength and endurance for sports but our brains don't work that way, this is a common misconception.  First we need to understand how our minds work and then learn how to get them to work FOR us and not against us.


Q: I like the idea and the training sounds interesting, but I am a devout atheist and am hesitant to get involved.


A: This is a completely non-denominational practice.  You can be an atheist, Catholic, Protestant or look to Luke Skywalker for answers, it doesn't matter.  While religion and spiritual beliefs are very respected and honored, whatever your personal beliefs are, this practice can work with or without them.  What Even Keel Living is about is your brain, your mind, how it works, and how you can turn your life from living from the outside in to the inside out.  How to find a new normal that works for you.


Q: What is Even Keel Living and how can it positively impact MY life?


A: Just like a personalized therapeutic massage, this program has to resonate with you and your life style or it wouldn't have the high personal value that Even Keel always strives to give its clients.  No two people are alike.  For those who don't want to jump into a class setting my suggestion is to work one on one to see how together we can design a program that works best for you.


Q: I really want to learn to meditate but once I leave the class I fear I will just "stop doing it" once the novelty wears off and it will be a waste of money.


A:  I totally get it.  Follow up, holding yourself accountable, not wanting to be "alone" through the process is a wonderful trait of our clients and Type A people like myself.  Part of the plan will be to design a program for you that will include follow up, additional learning and charting your success. Success, that you will be so darn excited, that continuing with the practice will be as easy as brushing your teeth