Individual Coaching


Would you like to experience individual coaching or a class like environment?  The key is “What works for YOU?”  Life is so much easier when we just accept that at this moment, at this time we feel a need for something.  That something might be taking a class and being around other like minded people or it may feel good to put your oxygen mask on first and not even have anyone around to help or listen to but yourself.  It is not selfish but selfless.   


In an individual session we can dig into your own questions and concerns about mindfulness and meditation and what it means to you.   We tend to live our lives from the outside in; multiple issues/concerns all going on at the same time that not only become overwhelming and ineffective but they effect how we feel and react.  In individual coaching we can discover how to tap into your calm, wise and intuitive mind to find out the better way to approach life; from the inside out.  


Here is a sample of what an individual coaching session with Alexa consists of:


  • Discovery session on how meditation can enhance your life based on your current needs.  Perhaps you are dealing with issues such as:


Individual Coaching.2 | Even Keel Living

  • Focus 
  • Racing thoughts
  • Productivity 
  • Creativity
  • Insomnia
  • Pain management
  • Health issues
  • And the list goes on…..



  • Education on meditation and how it works
    • The brain and meditations effect
    • Misconceptions and myths about meditation
  • Learning the essential tools needed to learn to meditate


  • A simple personal plan for you to take home to start meditating the very next day (if that is what you want….)


  • The session will end with a guided Meditation and discussion of experiences. 
Individual Coaching

Private Sessions




Call 410.271.6456 to set up an appointment.  Teleconference and Skype appointments are also available.

“It’s not the thoughts that pass through your head that impact your life; it’s the ones you take ownership of and think about all day long” 

Michael Neil – author of Supercoach