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Meditation and mindfulness seem to be the hot buzzwords lately.  It’s come out of the closet and into the limelight but what does that really mean to your company?


It has been on the cover of the Harvard Business Review, National Geographic, Time Magazine and it keeps popping up in every newspaper.  What is all this business about quieting the mind, being more efficient, more focused, healthier and down right happier?  Meditation is no longer a word used for cloaked monks or people who can sit cross legged for hours, nor is just what is portrayed in the book/movie “Eat, Love, Pray.”


Healthcare costs are skyrocketing and stressed out employees not only effect employee sick time, productivity, creativity and satisfaction issues… it is all connected to a company’s bottom line.  The World Health Organization estimates that stress costs American businesses $300 billion dollars a year.  Work and home are no longer something that must be balanced, they cannot be separated.  


Helping employees manage their minds through meditation and mindfulness is the easiest and cheapest tool you can give your leaders and employees.  The benefits are both personal and professional.  A happier person is always a happier employee.

Over 35% of companies already have mindfulness programs in place! With increasing evidence that these programs help create high functioning teams that are healthier, more productive and engaged, who wouldn't want to add efficiency, better decision making and increased creativity in their company?


Click Here for a great summary article from Huff Post if you are interested in more information on Corporate Health. 


Call Alexa directly to discuss your companies needs.  There are many ways to approach employees from a simple lunch and learn, classes, sales meeting presentations or motivational talks.  

Corporate Affairs