Peace, Focus and Patience. I gotta get me some!

Is it really that easy.  SEED Meditation®

Plant it and watch it grow. 


For over 10 years I have heard people say, I start to feel better as soon as I walk in the front door of the Keel.  Is it the music, the lighting, the people, the knowledge that soon you get to lie down, the fact that we ask you to turn off your phone?  Perhaps it is a combination of all of those things, but most importantly, it is the permission you have given yourself; the permission to selflessly take care of yourself, put your oxygen mask on first, be at home, if only for an hour with the most important person, you.


I have always felt that I have been blessed with the skill of massage.  However over the years the number one thing I have found is that most healing starts with watching a person slowly quiet their minds, slow their breathing, go inside to a place of pure consciousness and allow their own healing to begin.  This magic can be found in a daily meditation practice.  


My career, starting as a CPA, then 15 years later a Massage Therapist was not a whim or an accident.  It started as a very, very, anxiety ridden kid which later grew into an anxiety ridden adult.  I was lucky to land in the hands of a good counselor who introduced me to the nurturing silence of massage and It was a gifted Massage Therapist who introduced me to the healing silence of meditation. For almost thirty years I have been on and off my meditation pillow, reading books and quietly wondering what the heck is this meditation practice is that leaves me feeling calm and courageous, peaceful yet powerful, loved, focused, creative and closer to my soul?


So why did it take until four years ago for me to get serious and make it a part of my daily life?    Because it was a quest I took on by myself that was necessarily accelerated by the lovely thing that life throws at you called stress.  You know the thing that you don’t see until perhaps your immune system tanks and your hair falls out.


I was a closet meditator who didn’t want to be labeled.  I needed to understand the “why and the how” of it.  I needed to learn that thoughts were normal and you can’t stop them, you don’t need to sit in lotus position on the floor and you don’t need to change your religion or even have one for that matter.  I always enjoyed helping a client discover a 4:4:2 breathing technique to ease stress or perhaps experience a little guided meditation but I really wanted to learn how to teach meditation.  Having an experience of meditation is great but actually learning to meditate at home is knowledge you can use forever.  Experiences are nice, knowledge is powerful.


I have been studying with the McLean Meditation Institute in Sedona and after a whole lot of learning and practice, from an amazing teacher named Sarah McLean, I am now proudly certified to teach a meditation method called SEED Meditation®, “Simple, Easy, Every Day Meditation”.   This is the practice I have been searching for to share with our clients for years.  Again, I got lucky and found this one before thirty more years had passed.


You may not see me in the massage room as much and it is not because I don’t believe in the power of massage.   It is because my path to wellness leaves me obligated to share what I know is missing in many lives.  That feeling you get when you walk in the door of the Keel.  A little peace that I know I can teach you to find in your hearts, every day of the year.